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Our Story

In the Hausman household when a birthday arrives there is no discussion about where the cake is coming from or what type of cake is to be bought. It was always the Swiss Pastry Shop's famous Hazelnut Cake on 19th Street between Chestnut and Market Streets. This delicious, light, all natural cake, which has been a favorite in the Hausman household for 3 generations, is loaded with Swiss Vanilla Butter cream covered in Swiss Chocolate Shavings.

The recipe was brought to Philadelphia from Europe by the Christen family in 1923. Sadly, on December 13th 2007, the Swiss Pastry Shop went out of business and closed its doors forever. Happily, several weeks later, Jim Hausman could not imagine a birthday without the famous Hazelnut cake so he set out on a mission to find the unemployed Chef of the Swiss Pastry Shop, Donna Feldman to see if she would like to start a new bakery. Jim found Donna who had just lost her job of 12 years, convinced her not to move to Maine and to stay in Philadelphia to open the Swiss Haus Bakery. 

After revitalizing the store (and having his first son), Jim has moved on and passed the reins of this 90 year old institution to its new owner Ron Simms, who plans to serve the store's loyal customers with the same level of quality baked goods and customer service that they've come to expect.